Central Parts of the Green Deal Scheme

The Green Deal is a UK initiative which promotes a range of energy-efficient programs aiming to lower the use of energy consumption in poorly insulated properties, which should help cut the cost of the monthly utility bills. Some of the benefits open to those able to take part in this scheme include under floor heating, solar panels, floor insulation, draught proofing, loft insulation, cavity wall insulation, and much more.

Once permitted to join the energy-efficiency scheme a homeowner will be pleased to learn that there aren’t any upfront fees required. Rather then pay upfront fees it will be possible to benefit from the Green Deal financing program, which means that any energy-efficient schemes put in place will be paid back through a charge added to the customers monthly or quarterly electricity bills, which is repayable over a predetermined time. The Green Deal is applicable to all property owners irrespective of personal circumstances and isn’t means tested.

In the process of applying for the Green Deal scheme there are three central parts to complete:


Firstly a dedicated Green Deal inspector will make a visit to either the business or private home which is hoping to apply for a part in the energy efficiency scheme. The aim of this inspection is to conduct a detailed Energy Performance Survey (EPS), which will then be discussed with the occupier/owner of the property. If everything is found to be acceptable a completed Advice Report is issued and a full plan compiled for the client.


With the full plan approved, it will then be possible to request that the necessary action is taken to make the Green Deal finance package available. Finances for this scheme aren’t paid direct to the property occupier but instead gets paid to a preferred energy efficiency installer involved in working on this scheme. Any loft or cavity wall insulation will need to the installed in strict compliance to the code of this scheme to be sure of receiving the required funds.


Once everything has been agreed and arranged with the installation team, they will then visit the private or commercial property to start working on the installation of the required energy efficiency improvements. All financial related matters for this home improvement work have already been sorted out with the installer via the Green Deal inspector so there is no need to get involved with this particular matter personally.